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Thirty students have been selected as 2004 University Fellows for this summer, in a program that allows them to receive funding while conducting research with a faculty partner.

This is the sixth year of the program. The students, with their project titles and faculty partners' names, are:

  • Wendy Berner '06, Sesquicentennial University Fellow, "History of Vocal Music at St. Lawrence," David Henderson, music
  • Colleen Callahan '06, "Imperial versus Indigenous: Post-Colonial Language Development and the Search for Cultural Identity in Two Contemporary African Nations," Judith DeGroat, history
  • Aryendra Chakravartty '05, "Postcolonialism in India: World-System Analysis and Critique of Subaltern Studies," Abye Assefa, sociology
  • Mallory Craig-Kuhn '07, Alumni Council University Fellow, "Junturas: Hispanic Migrant Workers in the North Country," Steven White, modern languages and literatures
  • Tracey Damon '05, Katy MacKay University Fellow, "Ventilatory Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate Cotransport (NBC) Inhibition in the Medulla," Joseph Erlichman, biology
  • Jordan Davis '05, Rose University Fellow, "Subsurface Investigation of the Internal Architecture of Subglacial Eskers: Northern New York," Stephen Robinson, geology
  • Ashish Dixit '06, Phelps Family University Fellow, "Language-Based Hardware Design Using SystemC," Ed Harcourt, mathmatics, computer science and statistics
  • Ryan Edmonds '06, Murray University Fellow, "Long-Term Care Insurance: Why Is It So Underused?," Brian Chezum, economics
  • Marina Funtik '05, Alumni Council University Fellow, "The Effect of Brushing Before and/or After Meals on the Numbers of Cariogenic Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus gordonii Bacteria in Sprague-Dawley Rats," Christopher Easton, biology
  • Katherine Gay '06, Baumhoff University Fellow, "An African-American Triptych: The Construction of the Female Identity," Andrea Nouryeh, speech and theatre
  • Jessica Henty '06, Katy MacKay University Fellow, "The Effects of the Eastern Forest Tent Caterpillar (Malacosoma disstria) and the Herbivory of Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) Trees, William Rivers, biology
  • Nicky Hinkley '05, "Being a Professional in a World of Mommies," Kirk Fuoss, speech and theatre
  • Madeline Kenney '05, "Transition into Citizenship: The Pension Application Process and the Validation of Slave Marriages," Elizabeth Regosin, history
  • Kaia Klockeman '06, "Understanding the Process and Results of Comparing the Countries of the World on the Basis of Economic Development," Michael Jenkins, economics
  • Petya Madzharova '05, Ferguson Family University Fellow, "The Conversion to the Euro on the Member States of the European Union and the Effect on the Price Levels," Michael Jenkins, economics
  • Patrick McLaughlin '05, "Conservation Efforts for the Declining Populations of Nassau Grouper in the San Salvador Region of the Bahamas," Brad Baldwin, biology
  • Audrey Merriam '06, Ness University Fellow, "Expression of Anion Exchanges and Monocarboxylae Transporter Genes During Postnatal Development of the Rat Brainstem," Michael Temkin, biology
  • Yordan Minev '07, Phelps Family University Fellow, "Will the Penguin Break the Windows? A Study of the GNU/LINUX Operating System," Robert Torres, sociology
  • Mallory Mumford '06, "The Constitutionality of Same-Sex Marriage," Steven Horwitz, economics
  • Terran Palmer-Angell '05, "Tennis Meditation: A Model Based Upon Traditional Buddhist Object Visualization," Artur Poczwardowski, psychology
  • Steve Peraza '06, Sesquicentennial University Fellow, "Biography of Jeffrey Campbell," Margaret Kent Bass, English
  • Rachel Putman '05, Rose University Fellow, "Determination of GFAP Concentrations in Brainstem Using Micropunch Technique," Michael Temkin, biology
  • Kristen Ross '05, Baker University Fellow, "Olfactory Recognition in Dogs," David Hornung, biology
  • John Rupp '05, "Investigation of Sub-Surface Marginal Meltwater Channels from the Retreat of the Laurentide Ice Sheet in Northern New York," Stephen Robinson, geology
  • Gabriel Sataloff '05, Rose University Fellow, "Feeding Behavior of the Sea Urchin Diadema antillarum: An Assessment of Re-Introduction Feasibility and Comparison to Other Sea Urchin Species," Brad Baldwin, biology
  • David Schryver '05, Areson University Fellow, "Development of a System for the In Vitro Culture of Rat Primordial Follicles," Karin Bodensteiner, biology
  • Trisha Smrecak '06, Smith University Fellow, "Field Research in Paleobotany in the Hell Creek Formation, North Dakota," J. Mark Erickson, geology
  • Nathan Vogan '05, Baker University Fellow, "Palynological Study of Pollen in Massawepie Mire: St. Lawrence County, N.Y.," Stephen Robinson, geology, and William Rivers, biology
  • Erin Woodward '05, Kathryn Fraser Mackay Memorial University Fellow, "Merging Science Education and Community Research on the St. Lawrence River," Brad Baldwin, biology
  • Kyle Zander '06, Rose University Fellow, "The Ventilatory Effects of Lactate Inhibition in Medullary Glia," Joseph Erlichman, biology

    Posted: May 19, 2004