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Four St. Lawrence University students will be presenting the results of their original research at the 40th annual Northeastern Section of the Geological Society of America, being held March 14-16 in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Approximately 700 geoscientists are expected to attend the meeting.

The students, and their topics, are:

  • Angus A. McCusker '06, Buckland, MA -- "Geographic Information System (GIS) as a Research and Teaching Tool" (with Professor Frank Revetta, of SUNY Potsdam)

  • Joanne M Cavallerano '05, Sudbury, MA -- "Growth of the Dead Creek Distributary of the Missisquoi River, Lake Champlain, Vermont, Between 1950 and 2003" (with Chapin Professor of Geology J. Mark Erickson)

  • Trisha A. Smrecak '06, Munger, MI -- "Comparison of Missiouri Valley Hell Creek Formation (Late Cretaceous) Fossil Floras with Megafloral Zones of the Willison Basin, North Dakota" (with Erickson and John Hoganson, of the North Dakota Geological Survey)

  • Matthew E. Burton-Kelly '05, South Hero, VT -- "An Analysis of Multiple Trackways of Protichnites Owen, 1852, from the Potsdam Sandstone (Late Cambrian), St. Lawrence Valley, NY" (with Erickson)

    Erickson will also give a presentation, on "Fossil Aquatic Oribatic Mites Define Paleoclimate Intervals in Lacustrine Sediments: An Example from Glovers Pond, NJ."

    Posted: March 8, 2005