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  • Stress-busters

    Need a study break? Launders Science Library will once again have stress-busters available to help you unwind during finals week.

  • Open Access

    A collection of resources on the topic of Open Access is now available on the library's website.  It includes peer institution policies, definitions and ways to get involved.

  • Cole Reading Room

    Renovations to the Cole Reading Room in Herring-Cole have restored it to a quiet study space and enhanced the original woodwork in the historic building.

New Resources

Special Collections

Special Collections is the place in the general library where we keep any items that are scarce, fragile, or valuable. Holdings include: printed books, journals, newspapers, maps, atlases, photographs, reports, diaries, correspondence, and more...

  • Current, The Journal of North Country Action was founded in 1985 as an outgrowth of local dissatisfaction with press coverage on issues of critical importance to Residents of New York State's North Country.

  • Born in 1909, Joseph Dobose entered military training in the U.S. Army in 1942. On June 13, 1944 he arrived in Greenock, Scotland. On August 10, 1944 he landed on Omaha Beach in Normandy.