Educational Programs - Previous Exhibitions

Students from an enviromental studies class
participate in a journal-making workshop.

  • Spring 2006 - Including One-of-a-Kind: Art & Artifacts from the
    Permanent Collection
    ; Time Studies: Photographs by Mark Klett; The Workmanship of Risk; and The Gallery Has A Posse: Contemporary Sticker Art

  • Fall 2005 - Including Following in the Footsteps of Our Ancestors:
    An Exhibition of Hotinonshonni Contemporary Art
    ; Far North: Inuit Prints and Drawings from Cape Dorset; Homeland.Wonderland: Drawings by Chika Okeke-Agulu and Marcia Kure; Cloth Only Wears to Shreds: Yoruba Textiles and Photographs; Amy Hauber: Recent Work; and Untold Stories of My Present, Past and Dreamtime: Prints by Melanie Yazzie

  • Spring 2005 - Including Histories Are Mirrors/The Path of Conflict through Afghanistan and Iraq: Photographs by Tyler Hicks; GET YOUR WAR ON; Chenrezig Buddha of Compassion: Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandala; Permanent/Temporary: Sharpie Drawings and Prints by Alicia Giuliani; and Incongruent: Contemporary Art from South Korea.

  • Fall 2004 - Sexy Beasts: Prints by Lawrence Brose and Paintings by Michelle Dussault; Drawing the Line: Fifty Years of Cartoons from the Permanent Collection; Captive Beauty: Zoo Portraits by Frank Noelker; Mbari Houses: Photographs by Ulli Beier; Der Drache, die Jungfrau, und die Tribune/ The Dragon, the Virgin, and the Grandstand: an installation by Suse Weber und/and Ausflug/Stroll: Photographs by Jan Bleicher.

  • Spring 2004 - Including LOST/FOUND: Young Min Moon and Melissa Schulenberg; The Unforgiving Pace of Progress: China's Three Gorges Dam; Visual Prayers: Sacred Tibetan Buddhist Thangka Paintings; Journey to Enlightenment: Photographs by Matthieu Ricard; Doctor's Cuts: Prints by Eric Avery; Traveling the Body: Paintings and Drawings by Kristy Collado ’04; and Peace Amidst the Roots of Turmoil: Photographs of Armenia by Aram Muksian ’04.

  • Fall 2003 - Including Beggars and Choosers: Motherhood Is Not a Class Privilege in America; Lejos de Dios/Far from God; GENECORP©: Making the World a Better Place; and JOEL SEAH: GAM and Poaching Dürer’s Hare.

  • Spring 2003 - Including Lines of Migration: Paintings by Kenwyn Crichlow and Obiora Udechukwu; Zalmaï: War and Peace; Signlanguage: Photographs by Viggo Mortensen; The Astonishing World of Tom Tomorrow; After the Wall: Gender and Social Relations in Post-Communist European Posters and Ephemera; and “To Whup Up On Sin”: African-American Self-Taught Art.

  • Fall 2002 - Including Inside the Blue Line: Photographs by Bill McDowell; Stereo Still: 3D Photographs by Ron Labbe; Soulful Pieces: Memory Jars and Improvised Quilts by Unknown Makers; Good Will: Engravings from Boydell's Illustrations of the Dramatic Works of Shakespeare; Eddie Breen: Piggyback Art from the Murray Randle Collection; A Boy and His Agenda: Installation and Performance by Alexei Boulokhov '03; and Sue Coe: Ship of Fools.

  • Spring 2002 - Including Countdown to Eternity: Photographs by Benedict J. Fernandez; Shakti: Power of the Divine Feminine in India, Photographs by Stephen P. Huyler and Selections from the Georgana Falb Foster Collection; and Virgin of Guadalupe/La Guadalupana: A Community of Faith, Photographs by Mary Teresa Giancoli.

  • Fall 2001 - Including The George and Helen Spelvin Folk Art Collection and Coca-Colonization and Cultural Conservation: Globalization, Sustainable Development, and Empowerment in Nepal.

  • Spring 2001 - Including Ben + Todd: Recent Works; Male Gazing: Images of White Masculinity from the Permanent Collection; Every Bead A Prayer: Thangkas by Russell Ellis; Power of Thought: The Prints of Jessie Oonark; Arctic Dreams and Nightmares: Drawings and Cartoons by Alootook Ipellie; and Inuit of the Arctic: Hunters of the Spirit.

  • Fall 2000 - Including Greg Lago: Just Prints and Photographs at St. Lawrence University.

  • Spring 2000 - Including Reconsidering Vietnam; The Spirit of West African Textiles; and InMidmomenT: lines.spaces.boundaries.

  • Fall 1999 - Including The Sublime and the Ridiculous: Sculptures by Max Coots; Lance Myler: He Quilts; and Reconsidering Nature: Frank Owen/Amanda Means.

  • Spring 1999 - Including Visions that the Plants Gave Us; Circle of Enlightenment: Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandala; Seven Years in Tibet: Photographs by Heinrich Harrer; and The Spirit of Tibet: Portrait of a Culture in Exile.

  • Fall 1998 - Including Textures of Memory: Paintings, Drawings, and Prints by Obiora Udechukwu.

  • Spring 1998 - Including Creative Responses to Global Warnings.

  • Fall 1997 - Including Wake Up Little Susie: Pregnancy and Power before Roe v. Wade and Caliban Press: Letterpress Books and Pamphlets, 1985 - 1997.


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