Visions That The Plants Gave Us

Demetri Dimas Efthyvoulos

If you look at these pictures in the "normal" horizontal position, you will see ordinary pictures of river- or lake-scapes reflected in the water. What happens when you tip a picture ninety degrees to place the waterline in a vertical position? When you do that, you may realize that in the "normal" position you were looking at something which you did not see. When you view the picture sideways, you will certainly see something, but will you be able to name what you are seeing?

Some people find that these images look fierce or frightening. I have been authorized to tell you that this is not so. Stern, serious, concerned -- even afraid -- yes. Do you blame the nature spirits if they are worried or disturbed by what we are perpetrating against Mother Nature and this tiny and so beautiful home-planet entrusted to us for proper maintenance and upkeep?

Why do so many religions and philosophies urge us to open our eyes? Is it because they assume that we are blind? What do you think? Imagine, here we are on the doorstep of the new millenium and (as these pictures imply) we cannot see what is under our noses -- out there, in front of us. I wonder if we can see what's in here, behind our noses, inside us -- how do we think? Homo sapiens, indeed? What do you see on TV? What do you see and hear in the news media? Do our leaders do enough about protecting the environment, about preserving the peace, about making proper changes to establish a proper human way of life?

We beasties live on this wonderful planet in a world of fantastic symmetry, balance, beauty, and plenty (plenty of unknown and miraculous unsolved mysteries, too), yet throughout our long inhuman history most leaders have been inspired by greed. They have been good at fabricating fear and at leading their people to butchery and destruction. This is more like homo-estupidus, no? Two and a half millennia ago Plato said, "Don't trust the politicians. They only think of money, greed!" Perhaps the time has come for every one of us to open our eyes to our own individual responsibility, to the real needs that the new millennium calls for if we are likely to ever become homo-holonous.

Because of my love for Mother Nature, I was fortunate enough to have my eyes opened to this most simple photographic innovation. So I say, you know all about foresight and hindsight -- why not put some sidesight into the works? Who knows what insights may then enter your awareness?

Mr. Manhattan of Central Park and His Family are eager to show you that you can take "side-seeing" excursions even in New York. Most people who see these images begin to twist their necks and look sideways at reflections in the water. Of course they start finding similar images everywhere. I suspect that you too may acquire the habit. But be careful. If you overdo it and manage to twist your neck, don't send me the doctor's bill.

Happy sidesight

-- DDE
Nicosia, Cyprus

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