Course Descriptions

Spring 2017 FYS Course Descriptions
[Class of 2020 and others required to take FYS]

FYS Change Request Form (aka Wait List) - Due no later than Wed., Jan. 25, 2017

Class of 2021 and FY Transfers for Fall 2017

Fall 2016 FYP Course Descriptions
Note to incoming First Year and transfer students taking the FYP course: The FYP course selections for Fall 2016 are complete.

Click on the titles of the FYPs at the link above because course titles can either be wrongly interpreted or may not convey other important information that may impact your choice, i.e., spending lots of time in the outdoors or participating in the community as a requirement of a Community-Based Learning (CBL) component of that FYP course. Finally, to help us with your FYP course placement we encourage you to use the textbox at the end of the First-Year College Preference form to provide us with some detail about the FYP course choices that you made. Note: One FYP course entitled Lose Your Phone, Find Your Self: The Value of Outdoor Experiences requires you to participate in a pre-trip, which costs an additional $375.

London FYP College [fall semester only]
More information about the London FYP program may be found here. Students admitted to
St. Lawrence are able to apply to the London FYP on-line. Applications are due by April 22nd and students will be notified of acceptance before they arrive on campus.

FYS in France [spring semester only]
Students admitted to St. Lawrence are able to apply to the Global Francophone Cultures FYS Program on-line. Applications are due by September 10th.

Spring 2016 FYS Course Descriptions [Class of 2019] - The courses will be different for next spring.

Previous FYP/FYS Course Syllabi
Contact the FYP office for previous course descriptions.